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These are follow up requests for thoses who wanted to see my wife shaved completely...I know it's been awhile - Enjoy. Please no loser comments.
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Khaleesi loves hours and hours of rubbing like this.... Last night I bought some extra virgin coconut oil.. It makes her pussy very soft.
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There is a few shots about my new girlfriend. She is the hotest I've ever fucked. She is so sweet and so hot. She is unforgetable. We took some hard shots. Are you interesting on ?
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These are some pictures we took at a local construction site last fall. I would have included a pic of the finished building but I would be up to my nipples in snow, LOL; maybe in the spring.
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Hello VW Gang...here are some Pics from my 29y Wife (she don't know about it) please put it in private Selection an title it "look at me" more will come soon... :-) Bye
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My Desesperate Housewife3 - Here more pics from my desesperate housewife; Boobs, ass and pussy. Do you like? I?m waiting for a nice coments
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Hello Guys! Thank you for your comments and for your votes! It was a delight to read so many comments from you! Hope you like these photos too! Let me know!
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pictures at beach wearing panties pink girls Others pics of Frances naked in public. We have tried to be invisible but it was difficult. Only Frances doesn't want to be surprised by someone... For my part, I want it !
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Here ya go gang, part 3 for your pleasure. Remember good comments and voting will only ensure that I upload part 4! Not as good as part 2, but it gets better again at part 4!!
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Hey Las, sorry to interupt, but we have to have some petite boobies on the page to keep your magnificent boobs in perspective..you are Beautiful LLW
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Hi ....just to show that us girls like to be in control...its better for us..and better for them...if any couples would like to exchange vids..or go live on webcam...let us know...enjoy..Love
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Hey Everyone-Your comments on our April 1st post were fabulous!! What fun we had doing our best to honor your requests for special poses. Here are some of the results. Cheers, Cathy