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We are back here are a few pics that we found while cleaning out some files.Hope you all enjoy. As always we look forward to the comments especially from the ladies.
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another one of my models ,very joyfull and wild ,when she heard of vw we were working on a few body shots for art work and she decided to push the envelope and heres the results...
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Bee Goes Siteseeing - Thanks everyone for the nice comments on "Bee around the hotel"! As promised, here are some more pix. Keep the comments (and the votes) coming! Kisses, Bee
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Just more messing around. Decided to continue in the shower. To be honest I don't think I look my best here but hope you enjoy me!
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public venice asses in beach Cups Runneth Over recieved so many comments asking for more that we decided to make them run over and out!!! Please don't post my email address.....thanks
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The weather warmed-up a bit here in Florida so my BF and I headed out to the strand. This is a public playa, not a naked one, and he took some shots in the suits I spent my day in.
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public venice asses in beach Mickey Hi my name is Mickey I am 34 I live in Alabama hubby wants to prove to me that I am sexy and beautiful and he is not the only one to think so.
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White Shoes - just bought a new pair of shoes.being too anxious to see how they fit she has no time to dress. hope you will understand and excuse .
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A Belle Likes Black And White Pt.1 A Belle craves and loves to be craved. Taking two to meet these desires was great fun. Beginning of a series.
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public venice asses in beachSome people complain about the heat, but when it get's to about 110F, Adia likes to head out to the desert and get N-A-K-E-D!
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public venice asses in beachWe were on a trip to southern ohio. She was actually overdressed this trip. But the truckers liked her outfit. We made one quick stop. A trucker pulled in behind us. This is the result.
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I love autumn so much. The cool fresh air caresses my naked nipples, playing with my hair and whispers something sexy ... Very exciting time of year...