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Hi all, After a long time viewing the great posts by everyone on VW we have finally decided to join the fun. Hope you enjoy, post positive comments and of course vote.
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Hi. I hpe you all enjoyed part 1 of this set. Here's part 2, which gets a bit naughtier. Do leave me a message saying what you think. xxx
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Hey Guys,I took these ymself with a tripod and the timer. What's most impressive is that I didn't know how to use the camera before this! A little wine and perseverance and I won!
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A hot summer afternoon with a cold gin,and look what can happen! Hope you enjoy and please leave nice comments and there will be more!
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Ciao a tu tutti questa e Angela la mia ragazza, le piace essere fotografata.... che ne dite non e arrapante?? Lasciate commenti -Leave a comment
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expose for some teasing pics. I am an older woman, if you don't like older women please don't leave mean comments. Nice comments could lead to more posts.
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I drove her to the woods - in the trunk of my car - parked by the side of the road and told her she had to get out, walk into the woods, in full view of the road and be spanked.
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Kiki Having Fun - This was after a night out. At first, I wasn't too into it, but I was easily coaxed. As the camera clicked I got hotter and hotter. Hope you enjoy me.
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Thank you all for your great comments, and just a little more to show on this contri to hopefully satisfy those that felt I was a little shy the last time! :) Kisses, Sallyxx
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Hi everybody, Here are some different pictures , we got out from the hotel rooms to get some fresh air and here we are with these pics!
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pure nudism nubileNo story really. Just thought I would try to take some pics of myself. I've never tried before. I may do more without the panties if desired.
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I read that windmill farms were a great new way of growing electricity, so I put on my Farmer Johns and decided to give it a try.