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Hello VW. You asked for more current photos and here they are. The wife and I have been taking pics for close to 14 years. So we will post what we have taken throughout the years!!!
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Just a clip of me fucking my wives boobs. It is taken on my phone and for some reason media player won't play the sound but vlc player does. I'm working on resolving this issue.
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We just decided to play around with the camera one night and here are the results. This will be our second submission. Thank you for all the wonderful comments. Enjoy!
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this contri is short but hopefully sweet. Gotta love a little black dress that is so easy to get off. Lots more pics from this series to cum..some here, some on VW and lots on my site.
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Hi and thanks for all the nice comments. We spend a lot of time enjoying the mountains and these are a variety of pics taken recently at various locations
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hello, my name is liliane i'm a little shy and it was very difficult to me to make these pics i hope you will like them and in my site you will see the videos of my fucking
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sex beach watching These photos were taken at the same time as the 'Just jeans' contri on Freestyle with the intention of uploading them around the same time. Never mind, better late than never.
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Hello, everybody. Thank you very much for nice comments always. At this series, I play a kind of picture-story show! I am a newly hired maid serving for a mysterious master. I hope you will enjoy it.
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We were planing to be a whole night show but unfortunately just as we started shooting our neighbours came by and we were interupted.
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im 19 yr old love nothing then being fucked by two guys at the same time nothing gets me of more then when someone pisses on my face as im getting fucked up the ass
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Well here are some of "naughtier" pictures, I hope you will enjoy this contribution of me sucking on my mans hard cock. However this was just the warm up for what you will see next time :)
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Hello VW...my boyfriend came over and I wanted to make the day memorable for him. He was happy and told me we'll do this more often. Hope everyone likes my pics. Thanks...