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Pollyanna's First!! We stopped at this little inn just for the purpose of taking some sexy, erotic photos. These are just the first shots... Let me know what you think, and maybe I'll submit more!
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Hi all,Normaly i play a pretty good game of strip pool but tonight hubby was on his game and took little time to beat the dress off me .........enjoy ChooChoo
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Fine & Dandy - Another lazy afternoon but with a dildo, a mirrored cupboard, Julie & some imagination - much have was had by all.
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Sexy Thai Wife..On Vacation...Pt 6/A this is a hot set of mia..in 2 parts A AND B !!!!! she was horny that night....thanks for the comments i hope u like...mia xxxx
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Some more avi stills plus the blue vibrator that was a request. Thanks again for the great comments. We are thinking about posting one of the videos.
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spring nudist breakers These are some pictures we took in our lounge. I decided to try on a few pairs of knickers in front of the french windows, in front of the neighbours. No-one has complained yet ! Enjoy Jan xx
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Naughty goodness....thats what I call it when I cum and that creamy .. tangy... pearl drop drips out..... Always tangy...good!!!! Always thinking about it being sucked out of me
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Sexy Ass - This is my wife..She loves to have pics taken of her..She plays with herself and thinks of people getting off while looking at her.
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spring naturist breakersThanks for all of your kind support through the years and I hope you give a warm, sexy welcome to Monica and Tristan in their very first contri!
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finally got her to let me snap a few. she has no idea that I'm submitting them but with some good feedback maybe I'll let her know and who knows maybe there will be better future contris.
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27 and April 28 will be back in Rosarito Playa and I would like to accompany me and encouraged me with your support, I will make new pictures and videos for you.
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The day was hot, and randy animals surrounded me. My trigger-finger twitched in anticipation. I kept hoping they wouldn't catch me, but most them did. I'm the worst peeping tom ever.