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I finally got a a weekend away with my gf and my hubby. She bought me this lingerie for the trip. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!
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Got him up early for a little exercise. Decided to turn on the camera and share. Hope you like!! Good comments will certainly result in more posts! :)
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Yet this party's over, voyeurwebbers. So it goes. For one last time pump up the volume, sit back in your chair, let your eyes be my cam and vice versa; Relax, love this last Sandfly song of freedom...
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CHRISTINE ON HARDWOOD Christine was so busy looking up the phone number for Domino's Pizza that she didn't even notice that I was recording her activities. Easy on the anchovies, please!
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I want to thank everyone for the nice comments. This is the second in what I hope will be a series of photos of my lovely wife. Stay tuned for more.
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This is our first set of pictures for public viewing. She's just 21 and is "HOT" hope to see your coments and rememberthe better the votes the better the pictures.
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Here is a contri for the ladies. It is nice and hard for you. If you are in Arizona and would like to see this cock up close send an email to. Some daytime playtime would be fun.
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sucking beach nudist on stranger this is our second contri,we had many nice responds to our first contri so decided to post more..these were taken while on holiday....
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Photos here taken on my phone, not the best quality , but i think there okay.....those hands on my breasts, well i can assure you there not my husbands.......good feed back and i might post more
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sucking sand naturist on strangermy girlfriend took me to a motel for valentines day here are a few pic the more good comments she gets the more she will take and please vote
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sucking sand naturist on strangerWe just got a new camera, and my wife has always been a bit of an exhibitionist. Not much talking was needed to get her to pose!
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I took Heide out in the woods down by the river. She picked me a bunch of wildflowers while running around naked and enjoying the bright sunshine.