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*AF Bb In Black & White - Hello to all, Here a new contribution of BB just before our vacation to the sun. Her skin was so white that she prefers to show herself in black and white. BB
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We having day after day after day parties , and dress ready for that. This RC version. Nice comments are welcome. More to come.....
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Li'l phi heard about my adventures with her friend, Li'l emily. Not wanting to be outdone, she volunteered to do her civic duty at this month's primary election.
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I am making a road trip from Indiana to N.C. starting on Sat. of this weekend...wanted to see if there were any couples or singles intrested in having me "visit" while on my road trip.
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My wife doesn't think she's sexy. Please help prove her wrong. She doesn't know that I submitted these, but if there's a good response, I'll post more.
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Hello Redclouds! Well, not too much of a story or explanation for this set! *G* Just add chocolate syrup, whipped-cream, cherries and me for an instant treat that's sweet to eat! hehehe.... Enjoy! XOXO,