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That was a wet and wild day that resulted in some really hot avi, IMHO. Please watch for them and enjoy. I would love to hear about hotness this created in your world!!!
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Hope you like these photos! She has had 3 children and is over 45 but still loves large cocks, tongues and toys.. Love to see more? Just let us know!
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Thank you all for your great comments, and just a little more to show on this contri to hopefully satisfy those that felt I was a little shy the last time! :) Kisses, Sallyxx
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Anyway, they were taken in public. There was a bus stop just nearby, with two guys waiting for the bus. If they only had paid a little attention for what was going on right next to them :-)
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Hello RC, Wolfie stripping and (for the first time on the web)fucking. Knowing you would all get to see her made it really hot. MintyMan & Wolfie
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the big asses hot with beach on girls Thanks Koss for the comments. I can't buy a comment for her today it seems. But, I'll hang her out there one more time and see what comes back...
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Thank you for all your comments to our last contri 'Red Hot Fetish'. Now, here is part V. Enjoy my wife and we would love to read your very explicit comments. More pics?
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Been a while. After the addition had to get back on the wagon. Feel free to leave comments and e-mail address. She loves to hear dirty talk.
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the big asses hot with plage on girlsStcl - Retrospective Ix - This is it! We hope you enjoyed our cum-sprayed fun. I hope at least some of you came while looking! Up next... our latest mouthful contri in time for XXX-mas!
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After kids, getting into shape. Hope you like. Positive comments only please. Lake pics are recent and others a little older. : o )
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A few pictures lounging in the bedroom...................I love being naked and I love having my picture taken even more. Feedback is appreciated!
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I was having a lazy day in Canberra, Australia and Emily happened into the bar I was in. Needless to say the rest is history. She just loves a photo shoot.