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Le Bikini 1/2 - apr?s la petite ?coli?re, imaginez-vous au bord de la mer, sous le soleil, avec moi en train de poser ? c?t? de vous... je vous laisse regarder et ? vous de juger. ? bient?t ;)
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Luke seems to be living dangerously these days. Looks like it might be worth it though. Comments from the ladies are welcome as well!
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I took a series of shots in different lingerie and am trying to determine which is sexiest. Let me know what you think. This first set is the "purple" set.
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This is my first time sending in a contri so let me know if my file size is too big or whatever, I hope you like the pictures I have MANY more if comments are good.
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Devv reads all of your comments and responds to most of them. She is thinking of a post based entirely on requests from comments.
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Came over the big pond to frolick in America. These pics are from different cities I visited with my lover. We made a point of testing out all the sexy locations.
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hi all this is the first arabian woman to be shown here, ihope you all like it. it's our first time ever, please let us know what you think
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A little surprise for my husband. I did this while he was at work. Please leave me lots of great comments and ideas of things that you would like to see.
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This is a set set of my first pictures. I hope everyone likes them. I would really like some feedback form the women out there:)
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For your male section.I just got a titanium cock ring and love it. Always feels like someone's got a grip on my cock and balls.
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the fuck girl king on reality indian beachSouthern California (at least our neck of the woods) hasn't figured out it's summertime yet. Our daytime highs have been breezy and cool. What perfect weather to get nekkid at the Fair.
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For all the nice VW girls. Tell me if you want to see more and please vote. Fuer alle Frauen in Deutschland: Moechte jemand Fotos von mir fuer eine weitere Contri machen? Greetings and kisses,