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Nothing But Blue........ - Hello everyone, here is my latest shoot. Hope you all enjoy!!! if you vote i may just share the other half of the shoot (it includes my girlfriend...) love montana xoxo
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Hi gang, back with more pics. She loves the comments she as gotten so far. This is the last of the pics from earlier yrs. The next contributions well be more recent.
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Whip Me 2 - This is the second part of the night....Please be nice and we may get her to let me submit more! She is not the super-model type, she's just a normal, everyday woman.
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Hi Guys back one last time to see if we can win then we will do a threeway next really hot and nasty Thanks for all your support and be looking for us again
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I think that purple is the sexiest color for my lingerie... I'm also thinking to a white theme for the next contri ...What do you think looking this pictures?
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Had some hot sex with the wife after her bday had to take some pics of the fun. Her pussy is so smooth and tasty, who would like to help me next time.
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I was getting sick and tired of working on this room, so she came in to "motivate" me. It worked. I painted the room, "Mood Enhancing Pink", which did work for a short time. LoL
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topanga nude beach Hello Lolo is a french mother of 2. She is 32 and one month pregnant (for the third time). Theese are her first shots. She is quite shy, but she promised to take shots every months untill birth.
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Lori gives an excellent blowjob before we screw. Too bad we don't have pics of that, but it is too hard to hold a camera while you're fucking. Any volunteers?
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Hi friends, these are just a few pics of me ripping off an old shirt. Hubby enjoyed taking the pics and I took these for a good friend of ours.
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My wife Leslie had a great response from the last set we sent in. So here is another one with some action. She truly like the comments from men as well as women.
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topanga naked beachShe really enjoyed all the good comments and votes on our last contri and wanted to post a few more. this really turns her on so please post some nice comments and vote, and she'll post some more