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Clare is not just one sexy girl, she is also my piano teacher. I found her in the local paper and only after 6 months of asking her, will she agree to pose for me, and my new digital camera.
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.......i don't know about most, but this is the type of stuff i'd love to see more of on the great site....wifes and g/f being super nasty.....real NASTY.
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Thanks to all of you who commented on the last posting on 26 March, really did appreciate them, all of you who give an email address will be replied to personally.
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Long time viewer, first time contributor. Hillbilly that recently turned to nudity. Comment if you wish good or bad doesn't matter. I'm enjoying this.
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Came home from work in the afternoon and she just looked too damn good not to ask for a blow job. Of course, she was happy to oblige. If you like her skills as much as I do, don't forget to vote.
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Our first contri... I asked her to put on some dress shirts and pose, she enjoyed it... She is a little nervous about what others might have to say...
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