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This was from a request from a fan, he wanted a little ice on my nipples and this was the result! As always, I love to hear from you guys. Kisses, JBunny
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A couple of years ago we had the great pleasure of meeting Kate and spending a night on the town with him. Ever since then, I've been waiting for him to return for a visit.
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My hot wife I love to show off.......married 9 years and still can't get enough! And we both love for other men and women to look at her.
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Got her alone long enough for some fun in our unfinished bathroom made it hotter I think good comments more to come she's shy that's what they all say
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First scene of our short film about our summer holiday in Orange County begins with our morning shower. Loved the beaches in Southern California.
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We got great comments on our first post of us giving a friend an after dinner show. Here are some pics of Champ playing on her own.
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40 Y/O Milf Genevieve - Hi! We stopped at a friend's house on the way home one night and used his kitchen island for some photos. Please stop by my site so you can see the rest of me. Thank you!
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Changes In Attitude - Changes in Attitude, Changes in Lattitude- Just some sailing pics as the summer slips away. She just turned 40 so let her know wht you think.
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Here are some pics I have that I hope everyone will enjoy! If the ratings are high enough, I'll post some of my REALLY wild pics, both here and in RedClouds!
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I enjoyed all of the comments from my last post! Thanks Everyone!! I wanted to show a little more this time so I hope you enjoy. Kisses Passion1
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This summer in Spain has been very hot, and my cock's precum cries tears of love... Thanks for the comments and e-mails. Bravo! Saludos from Alicante!
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This is another set from my Golden Dildo series. I got so many great reviews from the last set I posted I had to show you guys more! Thanks for all the sweet and sexy e-mails. HeatherPink