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Hi Kate and gang! Last weekend two Austrians went to Italy (Grado) and brought their camera. Here are the results. Please title "Grado". DPOEP!
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I felt that my titties looked pretty good today I'd love to hear what you think about them. Leave me a comment. Maybe it'll get me motivated for a theme contribution. Any ideas?
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Matador Sand, Malibu, CA - Kahuna Shots These NIP's were taken on the sand in Malibu, CA. A great sand used by photographers all the time. On this day it was left to us and our imagination.
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Hi, Summer is getting closer and the wheather become warm enough to take clothes off. Julia did it. We take some pictures! Hope you enjoy it as much as We did! J & C
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Hi Everyone, Some of you ask why I don't post picture more often. It's not that I wouldn't like to, but I didn't want you to get bored with me. Thanks for the comments!! Lisa
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Hi there it's my first time contri so please don't be too hard....20 yo men from montreal quebec so i will wait for your comments....ciao
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SSM was teasing me again today...she has been fixing up some leather bar stools...she wanted to show me her work...looks fantastic to me...
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This is my sexy 28 yr old wife and mother of 2. She is wonderful in every way. I hope we can get more pics of her in the near future. Please post in Private Shots.
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Can't be sure if these girls were shy, feeling cold, or vw-aware, but were always trying to cover their boobies when coming in and out of the water.
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Just A quickie before work one afternoon. This is our first try and the pictures are from a phone but maybe better ones to come in the future?
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Hot Chick In Gold Coast Sun - Some Pics of my very hot shy wife on our hotel balcony at the Gold Coast. And a couple of random shots. Sorry about the quality but taken with phone camera or mp4 camera.
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When does fantasy become reality? Now. During sex, my boyfriend always talks about me exposing myself, letting him take pictures and putting them online. In the heat of passion....