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She was ready and willing--I supplied the dress and camera, and warmed her up with a thorough clit-licking! Then we were at it.
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Here she is as if getting ready to meet one of her "VW/RC buddies." Kind comments are always appreciated. Rude comments are always alerted. Enjoy!!
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She objected to the first set of pictures (set 1), but I think she liked some of the comments and now I'm free to post what I like.
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I know the table is getting old, but it's seriously *hard* to find someone else to take my pictures, so I'm stuck with a tripod and remote, taking my own :0p
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Hi everyone. Thanks once again for all of the nice comments. I promise I will never take them for granted. Today's contri is dedicate to those who were striken with breast cancer(i.e., the pink ribbon).
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I took these when I was doing pics for the 'Heels' contest, wasn't going to show them but decided if Kate needs photos Kate gets photos. Don't be too harsh on me.........
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Likes to parade around the yard and neighborhood like this. It keeps the neighbors outside all summer.Comments and Tributes---she likes monitors--
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young family nudist Following on from our two part December contri's, this is a 3rd set from when we stayed in the hotel and after a little wine I went for a wander around in my coat & lingerie.
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young family nudistHello Here my Wife Sabine. Post she under SABINE PART II. Thank you. Speak you German??? Your Sites verry good. No Email please. Good Luck from
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This set wasmade during the last snow storm of the winter. I was feelinghorny and played dress-up with my boy friend's rugby socks andtie, and then took them off.Love to read your comments.
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Last night Lyn and I decided to have some good clean fun! Of course, Andy just HAD to take some pics, and her s/o got to be the "fluffer"! We thought we'd share them with you! Hugs! Eye and Lyn
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So just the fact of finding a girl masturbating is something difficult to observe. More difficult still is to be at the right moment to capture her.