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Just the first of a series of the lucious Candy. She loves to show her voluptuous body and got very sexual on this camping trip. She welcomes all your comments.
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Young Contestant At Nap 2006 - She looks about 18 or 19, a very young contestant at Nudes a Poppin 2006. Used the new Canon 30D.
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A mixture of shots that we have taken over the Last few weeks. Thanks for all the great comments on the last set. Hope you like these just as much.
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These 50 year legs can still stop traffic!! It never fails, when Jane goes out in public with her legs showing she gets approached by men and women alike to compliment her on her dancers legs.
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This is our third contribution. We had so good feedback and are encouraged to send more. We are a brazilian couple living in the USA. Please write, we will answer. Ana + G
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These pictures are from my 6th day at Daytona Strand from the last spring break. None of the girls are super hot but a few are cuties and werent afraid to show some nipples.
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Last time I had to convince Marie to pose, but thanks to the great comments that many of you left, she volunteered for this set. Help me keep her posing!
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Hello everyone. This is my first contri aside from econtris. I will also start to contribute regularly so look out for me. I love to pose naked and get comments so write away. Thank you
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Just some photos we took outside last summer, no real theme. She is soooo hot, just had to share. She is 31&bi. We will meet other couples w/bi females in the 270 & 812 area code. Leave a msg on the BB
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Tina Goes At It Again - Thanks to all of you for the great comments from my first naked in public photos last month. I really enjoyed all of the great comments. I hope you enjoy these also. Tina
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Here is a few pics of my wife who is 35 ad 36DD on top, It took a lot on convincing to get her to do it, but if your comments are good she has promised to do some more.
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Las publique de nuevo por que no las publicarion el dia 28-10-07 espero les guste chicos , bamos mejorando con su ayuda y consejos muchas gracias a todos