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These are some pictures from quite a long time ago. I was 21 then and my GF some years younger.She was such a beauty, just watch her puffies!
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Woop! Hi crew...Here are some more shots for the fans!! Keep the good comments cumming, too! We will respond and trade with those who leave an email address with a message. Kisses & Huggs Dirty Dee
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...i feel a bit ashamed... it's and hard sequence! Leave your comments... and tell me if i must repeat this kind of performance...
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Sanuda'S White Panties - Less Hot - Let's try with the soft version of this contri, Sanuda was really hot, she had to get her panties wet...
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Hi to the Team, Attached will you find some pictures from my wife (gasp.. she would kill me) :-), and also pictures take in a supermarket near my house. Leave long and prosper ! Eric (from Belgium)
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These are just a few photos from St. Louis 2002 the second largest Mardi Gras party in the country. It happens again this Saturday, 1, March 2003
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Because we had such nice encouraging reactions upon our first contribution, we decided to let you see the rest of the pictures from that session.
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been together forever just keeps getting better .she would love to know what you think especially the women .she's extremely curious !
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she thinks she is fat and old and no one will enjoy looking at her pictures well i think different please comment and vote and i think she will post more thanks
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Thank you for all of your nice comments! And yes gwizz22, that is an original Firebird! Nice of you to notice! I'm back with some B&W photos by request. Hope You like them!
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adult plage at girls fun redheat havingShe is pretty old as will be 64 but we love sharing her and always interested in meeting new friends. Hope you still find her interesting.
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Hey everyone! I'm saying hi from Vegas. I had just got back from partying all night, and decided to share with you some pics. Hey, I can do this from anywhere right? I hope you like em!