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Secretary Gets A Surprise Ii - The First Contra was submmitted tuesday dec 12th and it seems you wanted more shots so here is part II of my secretary's Christmas Surprise !!! Enjoy !
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Just getting started, i thought i should contribute as i have joined VW & RC and love what i see. Here are a few teasers..but you will see more from us..enjoy!
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My hot wife Sandy! Doesn't know I've posted these-I think she's as sexy as ever & she doesn't. Prove her wrong by voting & leaving good comments-might just turn her on & lead to more. Thanks!
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Ma Femme 49 Ans (6) - J'aime exposer ma femme dans la rue sur la plage et cabines d'essayage, lachez vous dans commentaires ou sur ses photos.
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It's amazing how I spend hours shows off for myself in the mirror and watching the modeling tv shows, but when my boyfriend takes photos of me, i freeze up! I guess it's all practice?
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This was the first time I had the chance to wear my wicked weasel actually on a strand. Felt like I was more naked than if I hadn't been wearing anything!
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the wife and I got together with on of my friends that we 'play' with. We had a great time getting serviced by her and blowing all over her boobs. hope you all enjoy
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It was 24 degrees outside that night brr it was freezing! I bet if you ask my husband he will tell you it was hot like a mid summers day. Boy did it get HOT out!
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Hey guys - thanks! You are doing a good job! And thanks also for sending us the hot T-Shirts and top! Look what we have done in them... Smooches Ps.: There is a softer contribution send to voyeurweb
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Several months ago, LadynBlack celebrated her 50th birthday and posted at RC. The many comments she received really boosted her confidence....so enjoy!
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pussies on russian beachHello friends and fans of VW! I send you again my last series of photos, I hope you enjoy them and leave comments and votes as good as in the firts time.
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I make this contri with love for yours, I have one present for you, thanks by your vote write me your commentaries with your correct email for response to you with my presente, Kisses to you The Queen.