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Finally got a nice day on the lake to go take some pictures. Had a great time and wanted to see what people thought of them. Please be kind.
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Brittney is a lovely young lady. Here she is taking off her black patent leather outfit, and revealing her huge, tan boobs, and her open pussy hole.
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This was taken in my back yard...Didn't know the neighbor was peeking thru the fence until I was naked....So I guess he got a pretty good look at the "REAL" thing....
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It has been a long time since we posted pics in RedClouds, it was just time to come back. I dont want to be selfish and keep these pictures for my eyes only.
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So my date took me back to his motelroom and lucky me, he had a camera, tripod and mirrored wall closet. Since I had ready plan and giving him a good time I decided to take advantage of those mirrors.
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Married 27 years - and she's still a rocket. Always shy and doesn't think her body is that great. I think it is fantastic.
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A little surprise for my husband. I did this while he was at work. Please leave me lots of great comments and ideas of things that you would like to see.
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Big boobs, slobbery blowjob, hot fucking and a creampie ending are all included. Thank you all for the hot comments in my previous posts, they are encouraging. You'll see more of us soon!
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Angelhott Haven't put any pic's in for a while, so I hope you enjoy these. I love to read your comments so be kind. see ya. ANGEL..
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After an afternoon swim. She is very special, mother of 4 and mid 40's. If it's not nice don't even comment please.
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We were at out new house doing some finish work and decided to take a break. My husband loves to take pics and I like reading the feedback! Hope you enjoy. All in a hard days work.