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Siamo una coppia del sud Italia, abbiamo recentemente postato su redclouds il nostro primo contributo (con un contenuto un po' più esplicito).
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Love to hear again from all of you and for those who leave bad comments, please save them for yourselves or be brave enough ans send pics of your woman.
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Recently, we had the scarf handed over to us, so we took it to the sand for the sunrise of a beautiful day ... which also just happened to be our anniversary.
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Während meiner letzen Urlaub in Frankreich habe ich viel Spaß gehabt... Gefällt euch meine Foto? Ich erwarte eure Antwort... Bye bye
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We've been talking about posting pictures for quite a while, so it's time we took the plunge. I admit it, I'm a complete perv for my wife, but is that such a bad thing?
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sorry to all those waiting for the 3rd instalment. here it is, i hope you like as much as (most of) you did the other 2? again, sorry for the blurring, but im very nervous posting her.
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My friend who does my pictures has this really unique walking stick...it reminds me of a wizards staff, so I had to have it in one of my sets.
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if you have seen my previous posts, then some of these may look familiar because they were done at the same time as those pics, but none of these have been posted until now.
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A couple of days ago I posted my trip to daytona this is part two. It's a bit more naughty than part one and pary three will be way more than part 2 and 1!! Kisses Desaree'
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I'm a girl who LOVES sucking cock! Saw the contest for BJ's and had to submit! Pulled a couple of pictures from days gone by showing me doing my thang!! Tasty BABY!
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OK, the nice comments on E-contris convinced us to come back. let us know what you think. Leave a comment and e-mail address for trades. LD
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babes naturist of groupsHey guy, vote vor us and leave your's comments! Forza ragazzi diteci se vi piacciamo e votateci numerosi!!! VOUYERWEB IS THE BEST