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My husband looks at voyuerweb all the time and has a collection of poses he likes so I thought I would see how I looked in some of them. I hope you enjoy me!
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with love Please put the pictures in the private part 1 ste time wife. AX- mas present from the wife to all surfers on the www.
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Posted a few weeks ago regarding being married for 24 years. We had to got to Dallas and these were taken through the hotel window. If you like the pics, let her know.
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Hi. Tigress again. I know what you all want. Straight sex, few words, good pics....and I aim to please (in all that I do...wink wink). So, here you go. Enjoy. You can obviously see that I did... Tigress
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Well; Have told the story on the BBS, Here's the pics of when I had to swim naked, at 12 noon in our Apartment pool after informing all the tenants of what I had to do.
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It would really help me out if maybe you could leave me a message letting me know what you would like to see. I will read your requests and do my best to answer your request. Thank you Lisa
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Took a summer drive up to the mountains. Thought we'd try to spice up some of our outdoor pictures, so this is what we came up with. This is our first try at this, but we're enjoying it so far!
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hello kate and the vw gang the sping is komming and we wend to the mountains catch the first sun and made outsideshots over the lake hope sam people wil like it
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But I have an exam coming up soon, and I HAVE to study for it."""
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We have decided to show you the eyes of Frances when she has a dick in her mouth. I'm always very exciting to see her eyes when she's sucking me.
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Newfie and I recently took a week off for some fun, travel and relaxation. Here are a few pictures of a little of the fun. Kisses.