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Hi ! Here I am again. Unfortunately my studies do not leave me much free time to make pictures with my boyfriend BUT here are a new little set we did on the white sofa.
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I am.. and you in the sity park. Hot day… I removed the skirt and pants... You included my favorite song on your mobile. I started to dance for you .. Only 4you!!
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friend takes so sneaky pic of me in the shower just a bit of fun loved reading all your comments vote high to see me keep coming back to post :-)
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Hi, here are a few pics of me for all you ladies. I hope you like them, I have lots more. Let me know what you think, maybe we can trade?
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I took these pics for the RBB, I thought I would put them on here to see what you guys think. Looking forward to reading your comments;)
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This was one cold evening that with a little wine and a small fire, just kept getting warmer and warmer till things got so hot I had to put the camera down.
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Aphrodite loves summer and hiking, and what better way to enjoy both than by taking a break to skinny dip and tan on a piece of quartz in a great Ontario lake. A perfect start to summer.
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here are some pics from gasparilla 2000 at ybor city in tampa. it's one insane party. the closest i've seen to mardi gras. enjoy. don't show my e-mail.
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Xana'S Mid-Week Spree Middle of the week. My guy is now working closer to me, so I make him a surpise visit! These are some of the photos. Hope you enjoy! Xana.
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hairiest naturists picsYeah, this was the dress I wore in the EIP contri the other day. As you can see, I'm definitely nekkid under my Summer Dress. Hee Hee.
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I took these pictures for a special guy. We haven't met in person yet, but I can hardly wait to be alone with him. Leave comments, please. I love reading them!
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hairiest naturists picsOnce again the husband is away. Won't lie to you all that I sent these to him, but then I thought, as always, I really, really love to hear from you all! Tell me what you think and would like to do!