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These are my first photos here. My husband says I'm pretty sexy for a woman with a 28 year old daughter. Is it just a trick to get me to take my clothes off for the camera, or is he right?
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Some more beauties showing off their assets in the Porec region, Croatia 2011... These are mp4 stills and hence not your perfect picture quality... Enjoy them anyway.
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Khaleesi went to the salon this week... I've been wanting her to go more redheat, so I showed up with a few bloody mary's for the girls there - and suggested they really take her brunette this time..
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Just a few pics that the wife picked out to share with everyone at Redclouds . We take these for our pleasure but we hope you all will enjoy them also, good votes and comments will bring more!
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palm coeds beach looking for couples in middle tn. we are new to swinging, she 34 he 47. great site. as always plase don;t post e.mail, oh ya she is new to bi sex too.
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We went swimming at the lake and went for a walk afterward. We stumbled across this secluded area and Robin thought it would be a great place for some pictures!! Hope you enjoy as much as we did!
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Here are some recent photos of a friend. Tell us what you think of her. Comments from both sexes are welcome. Her name is Greta. Thanks, Please don't show our email address
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Trying to get the wife to post her pics - if you don't like uncut don't look. Leave email if you want to trade pics and vids.
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Hi! I `m Lea from Germany exactly from Cologne. I like to use the"crystal lover" from my girlfriend Katrin. Hope you like it to.
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First time on VW !!!! Here are a few pics after a night out on the town!!!! if you like them I have hundreds more to contribute. No face this time, but I will if I get enough response!!!!
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My Best Assets - I love taking off my clothes and showing off my best assets to guys and girls. Any opportunity I get I strip ready fro the camera and video!
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Questo e il mio secondo contributo. Si può vedere che mi piace succhiare il rubinetto del mio uomo. Le foto sono sparsi per il mio viaggio di nozzeoggi.