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Je vous envoie pour la premiere fois des photos de ma copine, je connais votre site depuis plus d'un an, continuez, et bravo Kate.
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I have submitted my softer pics on VW. But for the real fun I have submitted my fun side to show all the BBW lovers a good time can be.
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Some Back Views Hi this is Gypsy, here are some back shoots of me to see if the guys and girls who view this great like what they see, look forward to hearing from you, cheers
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Hi VW. For my "debut" I have preferred images a lot soft... They are not one models neither mine boy is a great photographer, but...
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St Martin is a wonderful little island with naked beaches, warm Caribbean waters, rolling hills and even legal prostitution, a very busy naughty little island.
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i decided to put my naked photo on this sight to get feedback on my body.... I think this would help me appreciate my body more............and i hope you enjoy :)
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When my hubby leaves I like to be naughty. I had just bought a new camra and wanted to see what I could come up with. This is what I got..
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Sexykay - First Time Model - Round 2 - SexyKay - Again. She loved the comments!!! Keep em' coming! Going to try to get a shoot in today, cross your fingers!
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I recently stayed @ a clothing optional resort. Had some great photo opps. just outside my room. These were taken through the glass & shades, but turned out not to bad.
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41 years old, mother of 3 a little shy and so sexy.......... Mon pouse 41 ans. Elle est toujours tres joueuse quand la temp rature monte.... Enjoy!
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Hi All, been away a long time again. Just don't seem to have as much time for taking photoas as we used to - still hang in there peeps, we'll try to get more done 4 u!
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Hi @ all, that night i took pics of my wife when she was getting ready to get out to a swinger-club with me. I can tell, it was a real hot night... Greetings from germany