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Cyndy was doing some summer work out on the deck. The heat got to her and she decided to cool off. So she turned the hose on herself.
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This posting is for those that wanted to see more of Laney sucking cock.. She is very oral and damn good at what she does.. Watch for more of laney sucking cock in the new year
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1st time, I hope you guys don't mind that I didn't show my face but my husband doesn't know I'm doing this. Shhhhh! Our little secret.
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Hubby and I went through some older pics and found some fun ones. I hope the quality of photographs are ok. Would love to hear from you XXOO
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beach sun outdoor Having fun with lover behind this fabulous screen.... how could I not go down on him? Looks like he is enjoying himself. *wicked smile
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beach sun outdoor Posting my pictures on RedClouds always makes me feel naughty. I hope you enjoy! I love reading all your comments. *kisses* Elise
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No story really, just my first shoot with Amber. A great model with a wonderful body. Enjoy and let me know any comments. Perhaps there will be more!
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no real story, I just got horny while chatting with a hot guy and it makes me even more horny to share. Would love to hear your encouraging comments :-*
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Here are some pics we took this past weekend. It was still pretty cold out and the wind didn't help any. I still had fun taking these so I hope to hear from the people that did.
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Not much of a story, just some pictures that were left over from earlier contris, along with a few more that we did on purpose for the theme
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I have been married to her for 19 years, but have known her for 30. I recently became fascinated with watching her pee. So she has indulged my desire a few times.
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Testy Festy outside of Missoula Montana. What a great party. I have lots more pictures, let me know if you would like to see more.