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Hi again... Here are some new photos of my sexy wife.. We was playing that she was a secretary and I took that pictures.. Please don't publish my e-mail.
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Just various shots of my wife. She is wondering if she is worth looking at. If comments are good she would be willing to submit more and maybe more explicit pics.
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We would have loved to have her covered in man-juice by strangers but it didn't happen :( Hey, perhaps someone could cover her pictures, instead?! (just a thought ;-D)
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Second shot at this, She just turned 40 and these were shots from our night out down town. She loves to fuck and love to be bent over.
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This is mrs kards first pictures taken and submitted. She is a bit shy but likes to meet new people on CUSEEME. If the comments are good she might post more. Please dont post Email address.
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MrsDrillintime is loving all the comments so much she keeps telling me to get the camera and take new pics, she put this on for all of you to see.
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My wife came home one day with these Frederick's of Hollywood "Pearl Panties" and wow..what a night...Enjoy VW crowd this first time fox and her pearls!
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Here is the second go around for my latest contri! These pics were taken on a cold day here in Colorado. If only my special man would come and warm me up!
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Red & I woke up with ulterior motives this day, so we dropped the kid at daycare, blew off work, and had some fun! No better medicine I can think of for curing what ails ya...
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This outfit is like putting on a second skin - very tight. It is even more fun to peel out of! This is Stikjock's favorite of all my "naughty" clothes. Let me know what you think.
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I realized that you like me and my sexy outfits ;) But I hope you also like me completely naked in public ;) How I mentioned in my last contri, now lets do it nude!
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Hi every body, We are from Iran. As u Know our country is not free in sex, drink... These are some of our photos in vacation at Shiraz city.