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My husband presented me a new camera for our anniversary! I am very happy because this is a new way to our sexual experimentation.
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My neighbour and I are really good friends. My husband doesnt know how good our friendship is! I enjoyed taking these pictures. So did he. Hope you like them. Would value opinions.
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Softer Endless Long time since we posted, but recently saw some beautiful ladies here and thought it was time. Enjoy your summer!!
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Susan is one hot Mama! However, she does not think so. I tell her all of the time and she works very hard to keep this hot body!
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Hi all. Sorry I havn't been around in a while but its been busy. Thank you all for the great comments last time. These photo are from a weekend away, up north at a freinds in Oregon.
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Imagine, today is your wedding night with Priya. The following morning I am sure you would have a lot to tell us about your kama sutra experience with Priya.
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#P2743- ex Betty "Surprise" Kate and Zak..... an ex named Betty caught by surprise twice.......I will have to send two different emails to get them to you.. Still learningthis equip.
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Here are a few of the wife when we went out for a summers drive in the English summer weather and got carried away with the camera.
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GF never been on cam. On day, she found some of my home videos and decided to film one herself. Later, I got her to pose for a few still shots for me. Next time, I'll get her in a avi with me.
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we sent in some pics a few years back with blurred face. i finally got her to agree to let me send some without the blurred face. please be kind in comments and i can send more.
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Lake Fun - Hi everyone, i'm sure your tired of the lake pics, but this is a test run for my site. I will try and get some differant shots soon.....xoxo
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More Labor Day Wknd Hoochies - Thanks for the comments from the first pics I sent in from this great weekend. Here's more hoochies lettin loose. See my whole collection on my FRC site. Enjoy!