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A lot of people seemed to like my last Nudes-a-Poppin' post, so I thought I would post some more. These are from a few years back. As always, hope you like them.
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Hello friends, this is my wife: she is italian, like me, and living in Rome. She is a little whore in public and very bitch with me (and not only...). Comments, please, also to
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found a lovely playa and went naked for a time, quite a few women came to see what was happening made me feel quite horny, hope the girls out there like the view aswell????
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Hi , I'm back in black Lingeries ! I like expose with Stockings and Cat-suits (ouvert) ! Please ,write a comment for more pic's (with different Themes and Poses) Kisses and Bye- !
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Thank you for all the encouraging comments and suggestions on my last few contributions. This series is for all you ass lovers :) Love, KT
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blondes the at beach nude During our hiking outing we came across a few grave markers along the trail, so Angel decided it would be a good spot to take a break and rest for a few
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blondes the at beach nude I usually prefer my toy's used everywhere on me... I especially love them when they're real! I hope that you enjoy these photos. I know that I did... Kisses, Yvonne...
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Due to the nice and encouraging comments here's more of my Lovely Wife, this time in white and looking absolutely stunning imho :)
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Wanted to getsome more photos in so we took some the other day from around town. Hope the ladies like them. Please let me know
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We never have the house to ourselves. So on those rarest of days when there seems to be any time at all I grab cameras, batteries, and all necessities and just follow her.
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Bubbagirl Outdoors - A few more on holidays. This time outside. The shirt-lift was in a hedge maze, the sun-lounge on the unit's roof and the bikini at a zoo.
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I am not sure if I should keep doing this or not....Whats your opinion....Thanks for all the positive comments the last 2 months...It's been FUN!!!!