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A week on a naked Jamaican sand. Who could ask for more? We love to hear from couples who like to trade. Leave your e-mail address in the comment section if you are interested.
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Hello Guys! These photos are from my last session. Poor me I got sick and wasn't able to pose again. Lucky me, I will read your comments and that will sure cheer me up! Muchos bessos!
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Ruby Having Fun At The Ruins - These pics are from our trip to the Indian Ruins I was feeling hot and decided to take my clothes off. Hope you like the pics, we enjoyed taking them.
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hi Kate, She's my G/F Chriss. She's very very shy and she thinks she's not sexy. Some comments on B.B. can help her. You know what???? Don't publish my e mail please. Great site.
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LeadFoot BabyDoll thanks you all for the great responses from her first 2 submissions to RC. Here are more pics. She loves the feedback.
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I met Kim at a party in RI. We went back to her dorm and enjoyed ourselves as you can see here. I enjoyed myself so much I went back last weekend. Here are the pics.
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Pussycat Unblurred - You wanted to see her unblurred well here you are, send your filthy ideas and comments and we will reply to the best. Thanks
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Hi everyone at voyeur web: This pics. were taking after a night of drinks and being naughty. I hope you like them, if so we have more!!! love and kisses
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Eccomi a voi con la terza puntata di Bellezza. Spero siano di vostro gradimento ed aspettiamo con ansia i vostri commenti in proposito. Gia' che ci siete perche' non ci votate? A Presto....
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We just wanted to try if you might like to see some pics of me. Please understnd that she does not like to show her face.To many idiots in town...
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I'll let u use mine if you let me use yours.And as u can see, she takes great pride in her menage! Luv to trade either pics or movies...or spit!
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Ly Fos Ass And Boobs Lovers... No special story... just a set of pics that I like so much... hope you too... Leave a comment, pls... and email for contact.. See you, Iluminado - RJ