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Thank you for all of the wonderful comments from last month. Many people requested a blow job, tittle fuck and closer angles, so your wish is our command. Along with the massive cum shot at the end!!!!
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My lady is a natural born exhibitionist. She absolutely loves shows off for me. One day she came and asked if I would take some pics of her and a friend at a local waterfall...Who was I to disagree!!!!
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First spring sunny day has inspired us to make a pics on the sun. Sunshine welcome! We enjoied taking pics, our neightbours also :o))) Enjoy too!
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a colleague from my previous job. She's a gym instructor now. Teaches yoga too. Killer bods that causes shortness of breath every time I see her!
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Hello all. This is Jaszi (pronounced Jazzy). At any rate, she's a new model. Sorry for the face blur but won't show her face unless you guys give positive feedback. Enjoy.
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Thanks from both of us for the great comments from everyone. Here are the cum shots that some of you asked for, enjoy! I know I do :)
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We finally got a digital cam and are having a blast with it. She said go ahead and put them ont the internet..So here we go.. Please be kind.
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Hello again.First thank you all who left a comment.It turned me on to do some new photos.And sorry that I cannot show my face I work in an puplic office.See u Jamelia
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"just remember in the winter
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Amsterdam Naughty Blinddate... - I went on a Blinddate after chatting with her...on the same night...Let us know what you think of her,GIRLS!She wants to meet some nice girls for a date in Amsterdam!
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Just thought I would send in some Pics of me in the kitchen. Most are of me in my favorite thongs. Two are of me in my favorite clothing... nothing.
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sorry guys, she will not let me show her face, but with boobs like this, are you looking at her face anyway? These are pics of my wife taken between 03 and 06. she was about 25 at the time