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She has not posted in some time...She just had twins and feels she no longer has the body she used too....I beg to differ? She still has a great booty.
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Never posted before but thought we'd share. We're not models so if you're looking for perfection please move along. Positive comments might encourage more.
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I like to share this pic of the breasts of my 5 months pregnant gf. I hope you like them. We took the photo during our holidays in Bali...
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Playing Around The House - Here are some more Pics of my Lovely 43 year old shy wife. Keep up the good comments and we will keep taking pictures.
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exposed nudism The guy was shooting his girlfriend and I tried to take advantage of the situation. These are stills from a mp4 footage and the quality is not too good but I hope you will enjoy the result
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My Fife in Athen My french wife, 36 yo, likes to show her as in public. Here she's in Athen, this summer. At our return in the hotel she was very excited, as you can see
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exposed nudism My boyfriend says he loves me in black. I decided to tease him the other night. These are the results. I hope you like looking at them as much I enjoyed making them. XOXO
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Some old pics of the wife Shes need good comments to pose for new pics She like to be shagged from behind Would like pics from ladies and hard men
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Here are some pics we took out at the lake while Jetskiing. I thought I would enter them in the "In and Out of Bikini" contest.
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exposed nudismMy bush is getting so big its scary. I used the camera from my phone again, sorry for quality...Its hard to take self pics with my big boobs in the way.
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Here is a little something for you all. I love hearing from you all especially my Sooner guys! You can email me at [email protected] kisses, JBunny
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exposed nudismWent out to Padre Island last week for alil fun in the sun. Not an official naked beach...people kept driving by on the beach...they didn't seem to mind haha. Comment and tell me what you think!!