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Hello to all who like my pictures and click next if you don't. I have been away for a bit in hopes of losing some weight but it just hasn't happened.
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Been Awhile Hey now its been some time since I have posted, and I bought a new camera, and what better way to break the new piece of equipment In! Hope ya enjoy
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Snap Goes The Camera - it was a fun night and she let me take a few pics--- she is a milf of 3 --- but does not think she is sexy---- be nice----good comments will get more posts
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We have received very nice comments for our first contri (Red Flowers) on december 22th ; hope you'll enjoy this second contri, last summer in our garden ...
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Auguro a tutti un buon Natale e grazie a tutti.Prometto che rispondero a tutti,per chi vuole postare direttamente mandate a beatrice trattino minuscolo sessantasette chiocciola libero punto it
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Not Worth Looking At ! - thinks she is not worth looking at dosn't i've done this but if you like these i may be able to convince her
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This is my fiance Amy. She is a real looker tome. She is very bi and also loves to meet older men. We have decided to make ours an open relationship in that we both love sex so much email
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I was playing with a Sepia Camera app for the iPhone and thought I would take a few of Rhea while she did what you enjoys the most. Hope you guys like this.
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Fluffy bought a new red outfit she wanted to model for us. Pics are tame from previous contri's. Many thanks to the Voyeur Web people for all the positive feedback.
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Gwen'S Back - Hi all, after a few months without posting, we're back with some pics of my wife Gwen. Let us know what you think!
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After skiing naked and working up a sweat, plus getting a little sunburnt I had to cool off and what better way than doing a snow angel. Had to cross the road though "bare" to get back to the car.
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*Lu Hannah'S Legs In Black - First part of a shooting session during a short trip. Thanks for all your nice comments. J'adore!