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Hey all, I am back again, sorry for not posting for a bit but... Anyways I hope you like these, like always it was a lot of fun. Please tell me what you would do to me....
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Yes, I know, crap quality, too short, rubbish lighting etc etc but just wanted to share this little snippet of my wife's lovely ass!
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Amo was feeling brave, and a microskirt would have attracted too much attention, but on a winter day, the coat was just the thing. Enjoy and vote!
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World Cup Fun - Erikah decided to console me for an early exit from the world cup by my favorite team. I think I will be a fan for life. Enjoy and root for her team and I promise to post more.
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this lady is a Model in Angola,some pictures were taken but not share enougth has they should I love to show the world that if they have something to show that must be done to the world
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Before everyone starts griping about the quality of the pic,know that it was taken through a wet window...a rather neat set up where the shower had visibility to our room :) very hot !!
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Porque tu lo estas pidiendo, no puedo dejar pasar por alto tus deseos y gracias a tus comentarios y bellas palabras para mi aqui tienes otra aportacion de Capu la nueva vasalla del reino.
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Decided to have some fun at work during the summer. a summer cottage on a lake nicely secluded but still a risk of getting caught.
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family naturist groups naturist open sex family photosUlla - First Time From Germany Hi, first time for my girlfriend Ulla and me at RC. We hope you will enjoy. Next pictures will come at New Year's Eve. Christmas Greetings from Germany
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Im The Queen I saw your great commentaries for me to my last contri I love your words, Thanks Very Thanks by your suport to me. I post more for your pleasure tell my what pic do you like more?
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In between shooting sessions, just being casual. I think the sun started to come out, and it was bright for the remainder of the day.
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Me and wife trying this for first time so please the juicier the comments the better and more the pictures she will send she like to read the comments...