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Hi everybody here in Redclouds!! It's my first post over here, so I guess that means you guys get to see it all!! So all is what you shall see...enjoy!!
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Anyone need a house call? Here are a few for the uniform contest. I am not happy with how they turned out but, I decided to send them anyway. As always, thanks for any votes and nice comments.
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Here are some more of the pictures from our get together in Palm Springs. We had a suite with a small kitchen in it and we had Lisa lay on the bar. What's for dinner tonight, Lisa
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My Girl at Strand Some photos we had taken to mark our 2nd anniversary. She is not aware I have posted these but she is too good not to share. Please do not post email address, thanks and enjoy
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This is dakota at her best cleaning up working out at rest and play just like a little kitten, hope everyone enjoys. title it ,DAKOTA'S WORLD thanks
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okay guys, i could have *sworn* i posted the heels set to vw. so here's the hardcore set so you can see the good bits. enjoy! >_<
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Old Pics - It has been a long time since I had a RC account. Since I'm back I thought I would re-post some of my older pictures.
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Hey there :) Just a short note to say...we enjoyed making this series. Hopefully, she will come back for much more. BTW... these all connect into one clip, if you know how :) Enjoy!
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Hubby and I were alone on New Year's morning and after having sex decided to send in our very 1st contribution. Hope you like the pix. If so, we'll show much more.
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I love to take pictures of Salacia. Sharing them is a new experience for us. Salacia hopes both men and women like what they see.
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Hi and thanks for good comments for my last contri. Je suis francaise - I'm French. Other pics of my breasts for your pleasure. Thanks for good comments ans kisses! Thank You
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nudism tubesThis is my foutrh contri. Thanx for all the hot comments. Enjoy these pics)My zebra pics( Thats what happen when i read your BB comments xxxkisses