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We went on vacation and decided to get "lei-d" - apologies for missing the ending and for some of the camera noises - we're leaning but hopefully improving.
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You can see in this set wherewe were finishing up our fun as I was getting my clothes,a car rounded the corner. I didn't bother trying to hide or get dressed since I was already at the car.
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my honey, always nat lusts after and willingly!!! sense in triumvirate in Belgium, makes you proposal with foto' s of yourself on our hot address
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So, third time's a charm! My husband is an over the road truck driver. He doesn't get home as often as I like. So I took some pictures for him. He liked them so much, I thought I would share.
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Hi again! Thx for all the nice comments on my previous pix! I've spent a night in a hotel room and I took some new photos! Stay tuned for more and check out my page!
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Here are more pictures from our drive out in the cold (20 degrees) Good comments get more pictures. Also look out for our other series titled Trip to Florida. PDNPOEM
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family teen nudists Just bought new outfit, and wanted to see if the pics would take to the site. To be continued with nudity! So dont whine! titled by her husband Corey
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made plan's to meet my 1st couple, and got stood-up! Went Home with an aching cock and no one to play with. Oh well maybe one day, i'll get lucky. Thx
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After all and despite the cold, why not be naked under a winter coat! Leta€™s go outside now. Ia€™m sure to capture the attention once in the streeta€¦a€¦ LOL. Have a nice day. XOXO
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I promise to be posting more, and soon as well. Sorry for the summer delay, but Im starting classes again, have more time to post.
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Hi there! I went and got myself a spray tan the other day. The G tan turns my man on and hence turns me on!! What do you think??
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Here is a collection of pictures I've taken of myself having some fun! I just can't help it sometimes--I love to play with myself!