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I bought Blondie this little orange outfit for Halloween, and I gave her my pumpkin tie for fun. Then we went inside and changed outfits.
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I have several sessions on tape and I thought I should send one in. Please let us know what you think and maybe she will let me show her face. Enjoy and please leave comments. Thanks,
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Decided I would try to cook a nice meal for my husband. Now, I'm not a very good cook so, I thought I'd add some special seasonings!
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Thank you very much again for your nice comments. This is our first experience in RedClouds but hopefully it won't be our last as we still have tons of pictures, so please be nice ;-)
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This is my neighbor Courtney, she likes to come over & give me "helping hand" around the house, like cleaning in a french maid outfit. You should really see what goes on later ;)
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