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I was in a room at a hotel and thinking of you came to mind a few pics for you, hope you like them. As usual, I will be very happy to read your spicy comments. A kiss to all of you, Jennifer.
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My young wife and U just started having some fun. Mainly threesomes with older hung guys. She loves it! Here are a few from a photographer we know, let us know if you like.
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Couple From Turkey Hello, We are 30's couple from turkey, first contri us,Waiting your comments, especially turkýsh couple, contact us,,,,,,,
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Been visiting VW for a couple of years. She finally decided to send some in. She will take a picture anywhere anytime. Sorry for the blurring, need to for now.
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Another session with Miss Veron in the I.M. Pei pyramid courtyard at the Louvre in Paris! Dated May 1998. Kodacolor or Fuji film, I forget...
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For all you guys (or gals)out there who like hairy pussies.This is my wife A..She loves to show it off ,and the good comments make her cum & cum & cum.
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over the thank giving break we choose to unwind on our own, I know her from my last trip in 2007, amazingly she is still working in same company
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My friend Kat and I decided to do a photoshoot with her black party dress after we got back to my place from a hot party, where we were playing around and ripped a hole in her pantyhose.
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hi again & thanxs for all the good coments & compliments xxxx afew neg ones but who cares ?? lol anyway her's a few more & hopefully the w/end will bring sunshine so i can get some more done xxxxx
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Here are some pics from a recent vacation. Thanks for all the wonderful comments on my last contri. I couldn't believe how many of you said you remembered me. You guys are the greatest.
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Hi, my name is Mizbehaven and this is my first VW Contri! I love to get naked in front of the camera. I hope you'll absolutely love my photos.
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La Quarentine est Belle Je souhaiterais changer des photos soft de mon pouse contre des photos d'exhib en public de vos pouses