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My wife Monica has been on VW several times over the years. Here are a few of my favorite unpublished images from the series we've posted.
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My last contribution for this month, Wild Wknd all over town, the game was tease as much as I could and I would be rewarded...... boy did I get rewarded.....ummm love ya guys
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Due to the overwhelming positive support and comments , I've decided to continue posting from my collection of 11,849 Fantasyfest pictures. Grab a fresh drink and let's get started !
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I took these photos while we were on vacation. This is our 2nd contri. If you would like to see more, please vote and leave her comments - she loves to read them.
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Some pics taken by a friend of mine recently,this is my first contri so please make your comments kind. Lots more to share if you are!
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When I came back from the market to buy some food, Annelies surprised me in this nice outfit. She began to seducing me in some nice ways :).
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Second time around, I have decided that adding a little more body can't be that hard.......... I need to practice shows off for the camera, they say practice makes perfect right
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Thanks for your votes and comments. I picked up another set of pics among my favorites of 2002. Hope you enjoy them and like to see a 47 y/o lady flashes naked. LOL Patrizia
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I wish I had a good story, but the fact is I just like taking surprise photos for my Boyfriend. I had fun taking these, I hope you enjoy!
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this is my gfriend Mony; she doesn't think she is so fine but I'm sure you all will find her very arousing. Please post your comments and don't be shy: tell what you mean really.
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pics young nudiesteccomi ed eccoci......il primo contri su red cluods e andato...;O) grazie dei commenti siete fatastici ed eccitantissimi..... donne ....volete vedere Eros? un bacio a tutti ;O)