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My wife really shocked me when she came out of her top, right on the playa at our resort. She's normally very reserved. Some of the cabana boys even came over without a flinch from her.
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Klara In The Bath - This my friend Klara, she wanted me to photograph her for our site. She loves the comments that you send to her. She is a very sexy girl do you agree?
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She got worked over and she was done and passed out.... I had more juice left. Found a good spot for it:) She laghed in the morning, you know.... don't let it go to waste.
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Every once in a while Erica will talk about the good old days in Fla. and she'll come out of retirement. Not bad for a mom of four and 44+! She could still serve up a hotwing or two.
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Here are some more pics of my wife as we go out at night and have some fun. She got drunk as I asked her to walkaround the parking lot half naked. It was great.
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Hello, my next pictures are shot in a studio. I hope you like the pics and my new hair color. Thanks for the many nice comments. Kisses
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Hot First Timer 3 I loved the previous good comments so wanted to send some more. Let me know what you all want to see. Want to hear from men and women, and what ya did!! THX!!
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granny strand naked onAfter Christmas was over, we decided to spend a weekend in San Antonio at a hotel. We took lots of pictures...these are some of my favorites! We hope you like them also.
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Blondie'S Contributions - Here are some photos of my innocent babe taken over the last couple of months. I think she's hot and I think you will too!
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granny sand naked onAnne 56 (Pt. 1 of 2) Not bad for 56 yo! We want to trade with a genuine, honest couple. We also want to include a male in our outdoor shoots. We would also like to know what you would do with Anne