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Still hanging around. My sexy 74 yr old wife. Never thought 50 yrs ago I would still be having fun with those. If you like them. Please vote
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After receiving some comments for more pics I decided to add some other than just BJ...Sorry about the camera angles but I was taking the pics and was a little preoccupied......hope you enjoy
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Relaxing On A Hammok Hey Voyeurweber's here is the second of our many contri's we took while on vacation. Keep the awsome comments coming! and thanks for voting. Z
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Realsexplay- One Very Hot Day. We are always looking for a new place to take our close off and this little spot is perfect for doing just that and alot more.No tan lines this day.
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sorry to dissapoint anyone that thinks my wife has two husbands but it should be mother of two. We got alot of good comments so we thought we would do it again. ENJOY
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Since my contribution was published on January 7th, we didn't really make it into the VW new style site. So here I am again. If comments are good, more to follow ;-)
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grannies nude beach This is for the feet theme guys, so don't get mad cuz you don't see hardcore material. I promise to make up for it later...
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I posted her boobs at Tit Flash and she was exited about the comments so she wanna post more pics. More comments more pics, don't forget to vote. Thanks!
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For all of you who posted nasty comments about my earlier posts please leave an e-mail addy I want to refund your membership to The FREE Voyeur Web.
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A little more ass by the pool, she is always crying about how bit it is, but looks like alot of you voyuesr out there like it , so here is a few more, if you don't like it don't look...
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She loves to feel pretty and sexy, and I want her slutty. So this contri aims at the pretty side of things, and the RC ones will aim at the slutty.
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grannies naked beachhere are a few more of the wife, started not to contribute anymore due to bashers, if you like her please leave a comment, if not just move on