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Here are some new pics for all you Melissa fans. As usual, she'd like to read the comments and hear about which pics made you cum.
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This is my wife of 30 some years. We have contributed before and received favorable comments. She is over 50, so be warned, and looks pretty good for a grandmother.
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Ann was born in Ukraine, a land of influence west and east culture. That's why she is beautiful and elegant, intelligent and wild. She is real she-tiger.
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..well..thanks for all the positive commentaries and suggestions...! we will definetely work on the camera and improve...! D is so hot.....that it is not easy to concentrate on the camera work :-)
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My Babe Loves Spunk. - We saw cat woman sucking spunk from a rubber and thought you may enjoy these. we are an out going couple would love to here from the like in the UK. Hi to every one at Atlantis.
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on a main motor-way we did not realise that the truckers knew what we were up to till they flashed there lights and tooted ther horns
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...Well the weather hasn't totally broken yet cause i tried to do this set outside but despite the sunshine it was too friggin cold...so had to go back inside...hope you don't mind...enjoy......
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You knew her as red nailz and all the guy wated to cum on her boobs. She' s back and in brown nailz Comments are loved, get her hot and I reap the benefits (G) No Mail please
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M* Thanks Cbb. - Just a thank you to those in the CBB and also sassygirl, Mary and naughtyvictoria4u. I enjoyed reading your comments and e-mail.
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Here are the rest of the vacation pics. Please leave some comments for her on the bulletin board, she enjoys reading them. ...
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models young beachWe were on a walk and discovered a cabin with no one there, right by the edge of a lake. Feeling frisky and daring, I went up on the porch and have a bit of fun. Hope you enjoy!
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models young beachSince I lost a bet I needed to take care of business. It was warm in october and rainy. That was not the only reason I was wet!!!