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Hi! Got some sexy clothes and lingerie for Christmas, was hoping to model some of it for all of you in a couple Contributions. Would like to know what you think.
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Hoi Kate The pictures are of my 36 year old wife, she don't no i send them! This is the first contri and hoping for good comments on the bulletin board. please call them Dear Wife
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This girl was lying asleep and I circled around to get to a more hidden photography place when she sat up a bit for a look around.
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Crossing Legs Libby - On the sofa one night crossing my legs for Kate. I love wearing these leg warmers around during the winter. If I am going to be naked I might as well be warm.
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Hey Voyeur pals. Love sharing with you and having fun doing so. Here the another taste of peaches in a thong. Enjoy!! I love pearls hope you do too.
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Here's a taste of what Wifey was serving up for breakfast. She told me to "snap a quick shot for all the naughty boys on VW" She loves reading your dirty comments!!!
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This is my first time posting. So here are a few shots of me from around the house.Hope you enjoy them.If the comments are good maybe I'll post more.
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This is the continuation to my PS contri. As I said there, this is my new party wear! I can't wait to wear it in front of all my friends. Do you think they'll be disappointed?
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ciao questa e la mia ragazza lory di 26 anni, mi piacrebbe scambiare qualche foto con coppie italiane e non purche reali!!! ciao a prestissimo e alla prossima............
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naked denise strand richards paparazziI had my boyfriend take these pictures, I am very shy and can't believe I am actually doing this. Hopefully people will like these.
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naked denise playa richards paparazziI was really bored the other night and tried on hankercheifs. I would focus the camera better but I think the auto focus is screwed up!
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Just a hot night with my hubby, giving him some love.Pic 1 - Mmmmmm come here.... Pic 2 - Warm up activities Pic 3 - Now that is great!!! Pic 4 - Yummy