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Scooterpie and I went on the road last week with the camera and ended up on a friends couch. The rest is history. Hello to hogger
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Wife getting ready.All the comments last post were very positive. But I my wife only got 3.92 what's up with. Please guys my wife wants to keep posting.
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Trip One to the hospital as a conscienceless force-ably detained patient, 1 Car Wreck involving a drum to a head - leading to trip 2, and a case of mistaken identity
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Fun Pics - Some pics my husband doesn't know I took; some with his best friend while he was at work. Please vote for me, ok? Kisses.
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just looking for comments and maybe a few votes, i am more concerned with comments. send anything you have to say preferably good my way. thanks
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nude on strap video I am a shared Wife. I was waiting for my lover to arrive when my hubby whipped out the camera and took some shots of me..I had fun that night watching my hubby watching me...!!
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Just The Girl - For those of you that wanted the boy out of the picture, here is just the girl. An improvement, some may say. Enjoy and please be nice with your comments.
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Honey Goes At In - My Honey is Latin and hot....don't worry she is going to shave.......I just wanted something new to look at. Trade with the right couple.
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naked on strap videoI used to be too shy to pose for pictures like this. Until my hot girlfriend talked me into it! She knows exactly how to make me feel and look all sexy.
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naked on strap videoUn endroit calme et dA©sert, il n'en fallut pas plus, pour me rA©galer de sa grosse bite, avant de me la faire mettre avec vigueur, dans mon petit cul A©troit….
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First time posting and wanted to see what some of the lovely ladies of redclouds thought of me. I have a milf fetish and love to look at the older women.
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I bought my wife Anne Lesley a digital camera for Christmas. Had to try it out. These are the first results. I hope you enjoy them. Equipment: