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I wanted to take some daytime pics since my others have been at night. Thanks for the nice comments on my last post...keeps me coming back!!! I hope to have another RC contri soon...
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Took some nice shots of her on the plage and wanted to share them. Hope you enjoy. Leave a comment and make her feel good (or bad). Will post more if we get good feedback.
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...more pics. Just looking for comments, willing to share with women (send panties, clothing, whatever) I'll take pics per your instructions...just leave an email. Enjoy!
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Martina had been getting a little lazy at work and was spending too much time on the internet. After some intense training I allowed her to relax and well, this is the result.
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well here it is my first venture into cybervoyerism please go easy and feel free to post my email and i welcome any comments and they all will be responded to
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parties beach sex For those of you familiar with the road to Vegas and points east from LA, these pictures were taken at the Mormon Rocks formation.
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These are a few pics of my wife in purple undies. Any couple interested in trading similar pics should communicate via e amil. Redcloud contri to follow if you all think it is a good idea.
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I took these in the south of France this summer. The pool for us alone, the sun carressing my wife's naked body... Couldn't resist to take some pictures. Enjoy.
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Our first attempt at Glamour photography. She was so turned on, her husband felt the benefit immediatly afterwards. More next month.
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M* In My Kitchen It was a real hot day and I decide to get off my clothes. I am 27 years old and my girlfriend likes the VW-site too. I expect your comments!!!
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Wow.. posted in this theme last Christmas.... time flies as they say, I'm having fun... hope you are too! Just love reading all your comments!!
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Took a few pictures the other night, and had a great time. Been very shy about doing this in the past,but all of you here have made me feel so welcome. Looking forward to reading all your comments.