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The Rest Of Sunday - And Of Heather - Our previous submission saw Heather topless - and the comments have suggested that there should be more
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More of this movie can be seen at the Models for Fun site. Refer to title "Full Naked 002a. Also see 26 more videos and over 100 stills. Hope to see you there, I hope you like my BBW contributions.
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The photos didn't come out as I expected and many were way too dark to see anything. So, I put the best ones I have, and am a little shy about the photos, so be kind.
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Enjoy a couple of lovers secretly fucking on lakes' strand. Not sure they are 100% alone they decided to keep their panties on :)
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photo sites nudist I go to Hempfest for 2 reasons: 1) To be counted in the numbers supporting legalization of marijuana. 2) To check out the slutty hippie chicks.
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Tesco Flashing - A Friday night in Tescos led to a few quick flashes. The two naked photos are in the dressing room, it's not a good entry unless there is at least one naked shot!
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Thanks for all the positive responses! Here are a few more for you. And remember I don't have anything against anybody. Just please do not leave any RACIST comments. Thanks and enjoy!
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No story just some fun we had over the weekend. It's been a while so we decided to post some of the photos. Hope everyone likes them!
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Had some great comments to our last posting decided to post some more pic we did in the foothills. Would like to hear more comments.Thanks
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PS: Reminder from VW Crew: This lady might appear young on some her pics. We have her ID on record and she is older than 18 years.
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Please tell me what you think of my ass. Is it too small>>too big or something else. I would love to know what you really think. If you want email me at or leave a comment her for me Thanks Sam
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We also get a few messages without email address' which is a shame as we always like to say hi or thank everyone for their time and effort commenting on our photos.