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These beauties were my random captures while vacationing in the south of France. Some were taken in Antibes, others in St. Tropez. Please Enjoy!
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My wife has fallen in love with the idea of being exposed, so in accordance with her wishes here she is for all to see and enjoy
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Hope you enjoy this series. I still do. Amazing what fresh mountain air can do for the spirit. Can't you just feel it? That's it, just breathe it in. PDPMEM.........:)
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The last in this group. I think a few of these came out all right. Love em - Hate em, don't matter. Comment if you want. I had fun.
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no real story...just wanted to try it out... although I'm shy I'm finding that shows off naked in front of the camera is starting to really turn me on ...so let's see where this goes
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We thought that we would introduce our newest girl Mitzi to you! She is a tasty little Hot Pepper for sure, long lean legs, and nipples that cut could cut glass. We Hope that you Enjoy
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My boy friend lift my legs up and started fucking me while he was filming us but the camera strap bothered him but still he did good job filling my pussy
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Here are several pics from a site I made for a very special girl I met. Just a first contri. See her flashes for my cam on our balcony. Hope you like the pics ;)
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I probubly have 20 more posts without running out of pics and working on getting her to take more all the time. She can really be fun when I convince her to let go and just enjoy life.
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It got cold again this weekend so we decided to stay in and heat things up ; ) Next thing I knew i was naked on the living room floor!! LOL
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My New Girlfriend! - I just met this sweet lady and now she let me take some shoots i hope you guys like it,I have more more than 50 so please send your comments and i will send more.
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some good shots of boobs & ass please be sure to leave comments cause thats whkeeps her posting.the more left the more she will post thanks ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!