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This is the first time I've seen my Longtimefriend in 4 years so she allowed me to take pics and said I could post them if I wanted to do so, there may be more to come
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Hello everyone this is our very first contibtion ever anywhere and we wanted to share it with our VW family. So put a smile on her face with your comments and there is so much more to come.
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This is my fourth contribution and never seen my pictures in the voyeurweb yet. So I hope the pics are good, ladies let me know what you think.
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Wife loves going naked in public. Today she decided to see how far she could go at the local public park. So glad most children were in school.
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Said a certain delightful old nut: "I guess I am just in a rut, Made of breasts and of lips, And vaginas and hips, And sometimes a well-rounded butt."
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Naughty Teacher on Vacation! Here are a few recent photos of mywife4u. Sorry about the lack of facial shots (or blurs) but because of her job......... Comments and suggestions would be appreciated
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masturbate amateur beach male Here are some unseen pics from early contributions and a couple of recent pics. For those who don't know TnT - she is 32 yrs, 5'8", 125lbs and a mother of 3. She hopes you like. To be continued......
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I took these of my wife while she was trying on new panties and stockings. We would love to hear from you, the more comments and detail the better as well as suggestions of future poses.
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Thanks for the positive comments from Emma's first contribution. We would now like to show you the other photos from the hotel that she was too shy to show the first time. Hope you enjoy them.
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Exibitionist at heart but only been to a naked playa once about 20 years ago in Austin, TX Anyway, like the title says, I had to try it just once.
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Hi Kate ! I have a few shots of my girlfriend Vera after examen-party to submit for your use. Enjoy her ! No E-Mail please ! Call it : German-Wife!
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Pictures from the last vacation on the plage, it was not easy to do topless but no it work and she get pleasure to schow her little titties