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He also played the part of pornographer and ordered Suzanne around in different positions so he could take some pictures of her.
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Meet this nice black man on the internet, meet up for dinner and drinks and took him back to the room with us. Don't forget to VOTE.
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Hi , Thanks for all the great comments for my Dec.1 contri. Here are some more photos from trip to Oregon and a couple from Mexico.
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Some pictures done during our short holidays in France. - Alcune foto scattate durante le nostre brevi vacanze in Francia. - seconda parte
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Now is hottest time of summer and I love spending time in garden during hottest hours. One hot July day I feel that it is necessary to remove clothes and have fun in sun....
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Here is a little pink fun for all of the viewers out there. Pink is my favorite color. Is it yours? I hope it is now. See you soon. Nariah
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nudist girls pics family This summer was wonderful, as for me! A lot of sun, warmth, joy and smiles ... On one sunny summer day we decided to go to excursia to the one of my favorite towns and make some shots ...
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Thanks for all the comments on our Dec 17 post. After playing tennis with the painted top, we decided to go downtown Palm Springs for some fun.
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When I came home from work, she was dressed up wanting to play. We definitely had a great night! Here are some photos I took of her before everything came off!
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Our Asian girlfriend Ayako doing a little striptease in the kitchen. She found a present we left for her too, but we'll leave those pics for our next contri to Redclouds
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naturist girls pics familyNo story, just some old heels in back shack, not the cleanest place to try to be sexy. Plus, these are my rustic weekend at the bomb fire heels...
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Some pics taken at the house in her white top and plaid skirt, oh, and her black stripper heels. And yes, it isn't the best camera, but the good one is broken. Sorry. We'll do better next time.