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Hello. This our my first post. Hope you enjoy our pictures as much as we have enjoyed looking at all of yours ! Look forward to some nice comments :) x
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Please forgive the awful audio on this one. I had no idea the plastic housing woud make so much noise! If we use the GoPro for the next avi I'm definitely removing the case!
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We have been rather busy during the last months, but Mitzy does not want to disappoint her fans, so here are some new pics of her. Hope you like them.
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On a lazy day when there is nothing to do, pulling out one of my husbands dress shirts and wearing them when he is not around makes me feel sexy.
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easyrider made it's annual trip to wilson nc. it was a good time even with the rain. check out the sweet carolina girls and vote.
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student nudi beach A sweet gut on here said he thought I looked Like I had a nice ass and asked for a pic. This is a couple years old but here you are.
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Lick It Up! - My lover LOVES my boobs, and now that I had a baby he just wants to suck my oozing nips all night long! Lick it up, sweetness!
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Here's a set of photos that my dear hubby took... he liked the way my boobs were bursting out of my shirt and well...one thing led to another!
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Here is the continuation of the "Red Hot" pics that I took while he was away. He was surprised and pleased. Now I would like to surprise him with another woman to fulfill his fantasy of a fmf.
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Anniversary Bird - It doesn't seem possible but we've just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. Thought it only fair to share the pictures....the bird is not bad for midforties.
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Flashin Biig Boobs 2 - Second part of my girlfriend flashing boobs in the park. Would like to trade with other couples any age. leave email adress.
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Hi, Here is a new movie taken recently of me playing with myself while my Husband mp4 tapes. I have many more new videos to send in real soon! Thanks for all the great comments and emails!