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Here is a girl I dated that loved to give blowjobs. She was very wild and loved to jack me off at the same time she was blowing me. She also loved playing with my balls.
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Here are some photo's taken of me over the last couple of years.Love to here your comments and hope you will tell me what part of my body you like.Enjoy!
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Doing what I love to do... Enjoy... and thank you for all of the wonderful comments... and since I have more time now, I will try to respond to as many of you as I can...
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At home feeling naughty and thinking of all you looking at my body. Thank you for all the nice comments left on my last posting I enjoy reading each and every one of them!! Enjoy! Till Next time... Jenn
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thanks for the great comments. she's still teaching me to take pics. these are from the same day. i'm doing some "art" stuff now. we'll see how it turns out. thanks again for the great site...
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studs sexy beach jocks This was a girl that I meet online she wanted a few naked pics taken so I say he I can do that. They where taken in the back room of where she works ! Any requests ? Any comments ?
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studs sexy beach jocks These pictures were taken at Lake Erie a couple days ago. It was rather cold and windy so this time my shirt had to stay on. Oh, in case somebody is curious - this model will be 49 in a few days.
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Hi to the gang and all VW'ers It was such a nice day that we decided to take a walk down by the local river. The area we found just outside of town centre was ideal.
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No prizes just honesty !! After 3 children and a business to run she hardly feels sexy contrary to what i say or do, its our first contri please be honest should she post more !!!
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we hope you all liked the outdoor shots we sent.my little wife had a good idea and we captured it for you guys.softtail man you better call us !!!
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This slut is my friends fiancee, found out that my wife and her had been covering for each other so they could sleep around. Here is a little taste of the bitch, more for RC.