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The second set of photos from this series. The ass shots at the end of this are just incredible, some of the best I've ever seen.
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..............A few more. I am uncircumcised for those who were confused the last time. Here are couple with the foreskin peeled back.
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She wanted to do something special for me after we got married. Please be nice with the comments and she will let me take more to post. 38D and and 5'-11" with legs forever.
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Devo adempiere ad una promessa fatta ieri sera ad un Orso Capo. Ecco inedite e fresche di giornata le mie nuove exibizioni anche se con un tempo inclemente per essere a meta Giugno. Ciao a tutti
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Cactus Cooter - Part Ii Here we are again with more shots of these two "desert women. " When you climb up huge piles of boulders its amazing what you find at the top. Enjoy!!
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videos nudist We found a new friend this spring who is 22 years old. We asked her if she'd like to be on VW and she jumped at the opportunity.
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SexySonja is making her debut and wanted to submit some photos for the self-portrait contest this month. Let her know what you think of her incredible body!
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Thanks for all of the comments... Everyone should plan on going next year for sure! It was the BEST time we have ever had!!!! See ya.. Almost done.. Brian
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Some though my 'gash' was not so nice in the last set. What I didnt say was the photos were taken just after I had come so hard I had made a dripping mess on the kitchen floor :-)
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If there are any Snuggler1 fans here let us know. Here are some random shots of my wife, from different angles. We love the comments so keep them coming if you want more pics.
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last weekend we had a lot of fun with this borrowed digital cam. so please give your comment on this so I can send more pics.. thanx
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Hi, Hope these pics of the beginning of a great partnership are of interest. Let me know via BB and in one case, in real time, hehe. Kisses,